Bacel® Hardfoam is a unique lightweight industrial engineering grout used for void filling, both above ground and below ground. It’s pre-expanded before placement and gel time is between 10-50 minutes, application dependent. In pressure filling applications it will displace residual liquids and neutralise hydro-carbons, rendering petrochemical installations safe. Filling can be done in 1.5 to 2 metre lifts. Combined with a one hour restart time to prevent slump, up to 6 lifts per day are possible. Average diameter shafts and mines can be filled at approx 10 vertical metres per normal day.

Key features:

  • Lightweight with good comparable strength. Density is 20-70kg per m³ and Ultimate Compressive Strength is 100 – 280 Kpa
  • Displaces residual liquids, (hydrophobic) during installation
  • Can be applied under water, (behind seawalls, etc)
  • Environmentally Neutral, Inert, Solvent Free, Non-toxic
  • Non-flammable Classified as “self extinguishing”
  • Good thermal insulation value. Lambda range less than 0.03W/mK (less than Rockwool)
  • Ease of removal, can be cut with handsaw and mechanically removed
  • Absorbs Hydro-carbons in preference to H2O
  • Vermin proof and resistant to ageing & rotting even under extreme climatological conditions
  • All air-driven delivery means the equipment can safely be used in hazardous areas
  • Can be recycled for agricultural purposes and can be disposed of in landfill.


  • Void filling below or above ground
  • Sewer & Drain abandonment
  • Pressure pipeline & Tank filling for abandonment
  • Annulus filling for pipe & drain reconstruction
  • Disused Vent Shaft Filling
  • Mine Abandonment
  • MicroVoid filling in granulated soils and loose fill, dramatically improving SBC (Soil Bearing Capacity) making Bacel ideal for consolidating loose fill under settled slabs or houses
  • Void filling under sunken slabs or floors – Bacel is the most budget driven solution available for filling voids under sunken slabs to re-support them or even lifting them eg. Warehouse or factory floors built on weak soils.

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