Soil improvement methods have advanced over the last few decades from simple weight loading (surcharging), vertical drains to deep soil mixing. Most methods are better suited to new builds as these processes require open space (very high overhead) access, patience and time.

For soil improvement works at an existing facility, resin injection has been around for over 30 years and was originated in The Netherlands / Europe by Aqua Resins Technologies B.V. This method offers quick and minimal disruption to operation and downtime.

Bacel hardfoams offer various predetermined strengths, that provide a more accurate and durable finish. Bacel hardfoam delivered in higher compressive strength with good flowability penetrates readily into voids between soil particles before curing. The action of Bacel hardfoam filling the micro voids in the soils results in dramatically improved soil bearing capacity in hours. Which means, clients are able to re-open the repair area quickly. Literally, as soon as we have finished cleaning and packing up to move out, the area is again ready for normal operation.


  1. No excavation
  2. Minimal disruption
  3. Minimal dust or mess.
  4. 10 years material warranty


  1. Commercial building
  2. Industrial facilities
  3. Infrastracture

Out of Interest

  • Bacel can also be used for Soil improvement of another kind

In dry post expanded and granulated form, Bacel can be mixed with natural soils to increase aeration and water retention to improve horticultural conditions resulting in increased crop yields in Greenhouse applications.

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