Most Utilities, Councils and Cities lose millions annually due to leaks into ageing sewers, service tunnels and drains. These leaks not only push up the cost of waste water treatment, they undermine the services themselves and often result in road collapses.

Resins Industry has the resins, the technical skills and equipment to deal with leak sealing and water ingress rapidly, cost effectively and non disruptively.


  • Non excavation repairs to leaking sewers, drains, tunnels
  • No dig downs means non disruption to public and traffic
  • Quick and cost effective
  • Significant quantifiable savings at waste water treatment plants – 1 gpm leak costs £1750 annually in extra process costs
  • Resins fill surrounding voids preserving / extending the life of the asset
  • Leak & void filling prevents future road collapse
  • Reduction in failure of roads & pavements
  • Increased safety to the travelling public


  • Sewers, Drains
  • Rail & Road Tunnels
  • Lift shafts & Basements
  • Roads, Bridges & Culverts – Prevention of washout collapses

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