With our variable density resins, sunken floors with uneven levels can be lifted or re-leveled within hours and returned to normal operation with minimal disruption or downtime.

CLEAN & FAST with no loss of productivity in most cases. As quick and simple as 1, 2 and 3.

  1. No demolition/excavation
  2. No rebuild
  3. No downtime.


  • Fast remediation work that can cover up to 250m2 per day
  • Minimal disruption with no down time possible
  • Minimal dust or mess. Suitable for food production facilities without stopping production.
  • Accurate and controllable lift to +/- 3mm
  • 10 years material warranty


  • Commercial. Re-level uneven shopping mall or office floors
  • Industrial. Re-level uneven warehouse and factory facilities. Raise and re-support sunken machinery.
  • Infrastructure. Re-level uneven road slabs, seaport and airport pavements. Stabilise soft ground below roads and pavements including flexible pavements suffering distress due to poor soil conditions below.

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