spike fast small

Specifically created to remediate timber sleepers. It was designed to efficiently anchor spikes or screws with comparable strength to that of new timber. Its pull out resistance is 20% greater than that of new hardwood.

A simple to use product that is solid in 20 minutes, so it can be drilled as new timber and allowing a quick return to service.

Its versatility means the material can be used in temperatures ranging from -20℃ to 50℃ and in wet weather conditions.

Spikefast is available in two different variations, ET-75 and ES-50.

  • ET-75 is a more viscous product aimed more at repairing screw holes
  • ES-50 is more fluid, ideal for filling voids, splits and chair indentation

Spikefast has approval certificates from London Underground and Network Rail; it is also used by Belgium Railways.

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