Microbial Solutions

DWG Infraco Ltd has joined forces with Orion Eco Solutions Ltd to offer a single-step service scientifically proven to destroy bacteria, viruses, fungi, mould, and yeast  on all hard and soft surfaces, including coronavirus.

Full Service, One-Step Decontamination Service:

OES Microbial Wipeout destroys all surface and airborne pathogens.

A chlorine and alcohol-free formulation, OES Microbial Wipeout is non-toxic, non-irritant, non-corrosive and safe to use in any setting from small spaces to high-volume applications including warehouses, stadiums, hospitals, transport hubs, restaurants, hotels, schools, farming, and many other environments.

In addition to being safe, cost-effective, quick and easy to use with excellent levels of user acceptance, OES Microbial Wipeout offers a prolonged antimicrobial effect after application and excellent materials compatibility.

A formula for guaranteed results:

- Sporicidal (EN13704C. difficile)

- Destroys encapsulated and un-encapsulated viruses

- Kills >99.999% bacteria 

- Effective against mould, fungi, and yeast

- OSHA blood-borne pathogen compliant

- Conforms to EN1500

A proven and safe decontamination full service solution for use in public and industrial spaces supplied and deployed by DWG Infraco and Orion Eco Solutions.

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